July 10, 2008

More of my photos from last weekend

Fourth of July Weekend Continued in East Hampton

We flew from Maine to East Hampton on Long Island for the second half of the four-day weekend.  I had some work to do there and had also planned to attend some lively functions out on the East End, which is the ‘happening place’ during the summer months.  Of course, I did a little entertaining, as well.  Pierre and I served a beautiful lunch on Saturday and a delicious and robust breakfast on Sunday.


The hydrangeas were in full bloom at Lily Pond. They thrive in the salt air.

More hydrangeas - their blue mopheads look wonderful in teal containers.

more blue hydrangeas

And even more - I have many different varieties of these wonderful
shrubs. Many of the shrubs were started from cuttings that I obtained
here and there - mostly from flower arrangements at friends' homes.

The front porch at Lily Pond is perfect for big or small parties. Lunch
for 20 was easily set up on this massive porch, which wraps around the
front of the house.

We also had a breakfast for friends on the 6th of July.  The table was
set with vintage hobnail glass and milk glass.  The cups and saucers
are from the Martha Stewart collection available at Macy's.

We set up a small table next to each breakfast table.  I served
delicious yogurt from Smith Family Farm in Maine, freshly squeezed (and
I mean from real oranges) orange juice, maple syrup, and both skim and
whole milk for coffee.

Here's the white table - old glass, white linens, and those same Martha Stewart cafe-au-lait cups.

These are some of my guests for breakfast - Sheraton Kalouria - our
president of television, Martin Miller, Madge Miller, me, Memrie Lewis,
and of course our very own Darcy Miller Nussbaum - editorial director
of Weddings.

Sweet girls wearing identical dresses - Ella, Daisy, and cousin Emma.

Dwarfed by the giant viburnum and rhododendron hedges, the little girls
danced and pranced, as if posing for a John Singer Sargent portrait -
remember 'Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose?'

Here I am with the three beauties and Grandmother, Madge.

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