July 12, 2008

Paw Paw's grandsons -- help me decide!

Someone asked in a blog comment the
other day if I was considering a new chow chow puppy. The answer is, yes, I am. In fact, award-winning breeder, Karen Tracy, sent me these photos of her latest litter of the
most adorable chow chow puppies. Can you
believe that these babies are actually my own Paw Paw'€™s grandsons? Karen says that at five weeks old, all they
pretty much do is crawl on top of each other, sleep, and nurse. Such helpless little creatures, but it looks
like Mama is taking very good care of them. Karen will continue to send us pictures and explained that according to
the American Kennel Club rules, the puppies must be a minimum of 7 weeks old
before they can be weaned from their mother. However, it may be 8 weeks or more because they need shots and they must
be able to eat dry food on their own. So, in the mean time, I have a decision to make - which one? Or two? Or three?

The following photo show the babies at 1 day old

1 (on left) 2 (on top of one and three) 3 (on right)


At 5 Weeks old, adorable! 1,2, and 3. Can we say  CuteOverload!! 

Continue reading for more pictures!