July 15, 2008

Guests at my farm yesterday

Tuesday was a beautiful day at my farm in Bedford and it was perfectly splendid weather for a tour of the gardens, so I was quite pleased that the Hortus Club paid us a visit.  The Hortus Club is a rather prestigious group of professional horticulturists, which has been around for about 55 years.  The group is small and manageable, comprised of only 30 members, and as you can imagine, it is quite difficult to join.  The organization meets once a month at the National Arts Club in New York City, located in the magnificent historic Tilden Mansion at Gramercy Park.  And of course, they discuss all things horticulture.  Every member of the club is assigned a responsibility, such as arranging guest speakers or organizing garden tours.  Each year, they partake in a summer expedition and 2 years ago, the group visited Skylands, my home in Maine.  Come and see a bit of the tour!


The shade garden is really lush and beautiful.

This group is admiring the Ligularia japonica, which has giant, glossy green leaves and tall, aster-like flowers.

Pierre made rich chocolate cookies from my new Martha Stewart’s Cookies
book and flaky blueberry scones, with blueberries from the garden.  Can
you believe that this French chef had never baked a scone before?  They
were yummy!  The recipe can be found on my Web site HERE

My housekeeper, Laura Acuna, made her refreshing herbal tea with fresh
fruit and of course, berries from the berry patch.  It’s so quenching.

Here’s Laura serving a guest.

Here I am posing with Yue Yin and Chun Lu – they’re exchange students
from China and are spending the summer at Atlantic Nurseries in Dix
Hills, NY.

This is Kristin Schleiter – she organized this day’s visit to my garden
and Richard Weir – president of the Hortus Club.  Kristin actually
worked on my old television show as a garden producer. 

Everyone went home with the latest edition of Living magazine.  It’s a beautiful summer issue.    

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