July 16, 2008

Haircut time for the donkeys!

Now that summer is in full bloom and the temperatures are steamy, it’s so important to be sure that all the animals on the farm are as comfortable as possible.  Yesterday, Betsy, my stables’ manager, invited us to the stables because she was giving the donkeys their routine summer clip.  She likes to do this every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the temperatures outside.  The sweet little donkeys don’t seem to mind too much, in fact, they look quite at ease with the whole process.

Betsy brought Billy, Clive, and Rufus in from their shaded paddock for
their trim.  I think they really enjoy visiting my horses in the

Betsy uses this professional grooming tool called the Clipmaster, made by Oster.

It does an efficient job of clipping Rufus’s hair close and smooth.

Betsy switches to a smaller clipper to groom the areas around the ears and the face.

Dolma wipes Rufus down with a wet cloth to remove any remaining clippings.  Who wants to be itchy?

Betsy moves on to groom Billy, who has been waiting patiently.

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