July 18, 2008

A fun trip to the DMV

Recently, I received a license renewal form from the State of Connecticut (my former state of residency) and I realized that I never went to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to make the change.  What was always a simple ‘sign the form and send it in,’ was now a ‘make a personal appearance at the DMV,’ in nearby Brewster, NY.   I had to, after all, pose for a new photo, present my Social Security Card, and sign all the necessary forms.

Just 2 days before, I had flown to Maine and there was a window of opportunity between returning home and immediately packing my bags for an expedition to Iceland.  I was informed that the computers at the DMV were down, so I escaped into nearby Katonah for a much-needed pedicure and manicure.  When I arrived at the DMV at 3:30, the lines were empty and the service was fast and friendly.  I was allowed to pay the $42.50 charge by credit card.  They seized my old CT license – for reasons, unexplained.  My new license is good for 5 years because I am from another state – another reason unexplained.  I was told that after the 5 years, when I renew, it will be good for 8 years.  Anyway, I was issued a temporary license until Albany, the capital of NY, sends me my permanent photo license in a week or two. Have you had a DMV experience lately? Let me know how it went..leave a comment!


This is the sign directing to the DMV in Brewster, NY.

very familiar signs for many, I'm sure

Welcome to the Empire State.

People standing in line.

Many, many forms

very interesting signs posted everywhere

I passed the eye test with flying colors.

Some manuals to learn.

These are offered in English and Spanish.

A severe warning

The testing area for new drivers.

Another poster

Someone brought their 'babies' to the license renewal, I say...Cute Overload!

So many people like to register as a donor.

If you don't have a pen to fill out all the forms, you can purchase one
at these machines - seriously, what can you purchase for 25-cents

Here I am posing for my 'portrait.'

I am given 3 to choose from.

I chose #3.

Not such a bad ordeal!

Whoops! (Perez Hilton Style)

Archive of The Martha Blog

Haircut time for the donkeys!

Guests at my farm yesterday

Time for a trim?

Come see what I picked this weekend at my farm

Paw Paw's grandsons -- help me decide!