July 20, 2008

Sharkey had a little accident

UPDATE: In response to the TMZ.com article I would like to bring to light the fact that Sharkey is a cute little GIRL. Also, she is a very HAPPY dog that happens to be good at many different facial expressions!

I just love the way sisal carpeting looks throughout my homes, but just like any carpet, sisal does not fare well with spills, or the occasional pet ‘accident.’  Fortunately, I discovered a remarkable product that does a fantastic job of making those stains disappear.  It’s called Host Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack.   This all-natural product is made up of a balanced blend of moisture, detergent, and a bit of safe-to-use solvents.  When needed, we just sprinkle the sawdust-like material over the stain and gently brush it in.  Host goes to work, dissolving and absorbing the stain and any odor associated with it.  After about an hour, you just vacuum it up and voila! – no more stain and no wet carpet!  I’ve used Host Cleaner with great success and it’s good for all types of carpets.  Plus, I love that it’s environmentally friendly.

Here’s the wonderful Host Dry Carpet Cleaner Dry Pack.

‘I’m so sorry – I didn’t mean to wet the carpet.  Fortunately, there’s Host to the rescue.’

‘I’ll just sit here and wait until the vacuum comes and takes the stain away.  I’ll feel so much better then.’

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