July 27, 2008

Welcome to our 42nd street office

Last winter, I gave you all a little tour of my offices in the Starrett Lehigh building located in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.  We received so many favorable comments and I thought it was time for you to visit my original offices located in midtown at 42nd Street.  And although, different jobs get done here, you can really feel the creative energies in action.  We occupy office space on a few floors in the building, but the reception area is located on the 25th.  Exiting the elevators and passing through the entrance doors, you are greeted by Alli Loeffert, our friendly and exuberant receptionist.  Alli has been our ‘traffic’ director for about 9 months and says she really loves her job.  Please visit again for more 42nd Street installments.

Here’s Alli at her post.  It’s so important to have someone
so warm and helpful to greet workers, visitors, and delivery people
and, at the same time, answer the constantly ringing phones.

Alli explained that although the main number to the company
rings continuously throughout the day, the busiest times are 9 AM,
noon, and between 5 & 6 PM.  She manages 4 separate lines and is
asked all kinds of questions.  She keeps a list, near eye level, of all
the various departments where she can best direct the calls.

Whenever there is a lull, Alli picks up her knitting.  She
just took up the craft and has been making a scarf.  She bought her
yarn at Purl yarn shop, located in the Soho section of
Manhattan.  Purl is a colorful and wonderful store owned and operated
by Joelle and Jennifer Hoverson – Joelle used to work for Martha
Stewart Living Omnimedia as a style editor prior to opening her yarn shop.

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