August 14, 2008

Lets go "Camping" together!

This past weekend was the annual sales representative meeting for the ad sales force at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  It was held at the lovely Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey.  The purpose of this gathering is to invigorate our sales team.   During this 3-day immersion course, sales reps and their bosses are informed about changes in the company and they’re given motivational training to inspire them to sell lots of ads.


The Martha Stewart ad sales force at The Martha Camp.

Christina Cranley has worked in ad sales for more than fifteen years and was just promoted to Group Associate Publisher.

Sally Preston, SVP of Publishing, is a real pro and a bundle of fun, too.

From left to right - Amy Wilkins, Denise Silverberg, Gayle Lambert,
Sally Preston, Charles Koppelman, Karen Sullivan, me, Christina
Cranley, and Lizzie Utt

I am standing with a new employee - Doug Brown.

Here's a great group shot. I had been told the evening was camp themed
so I showed up in my camping gear - of course no one else did!

Cocktails were served in the garden of the newly constructed Crystal Springs Golf Resort.

Amy Wilkins, me, Charles Koppelman, Wenda Millard and Orlando Reece - the new head of sales for television.

This is the view from the balcony of the dining room - a sweeping vista across the hills of New Jersey.

The hat was a successful addition to my camper's outfit, which
consisted of J. Crew khaki shorts, a Ralph Lauren blue work shirt,
Vasquez hiking shoes, and the old fly fishing hat from my first trip to

Heather Kimoto, Charles Koppelman, and Christina Cranley at dinner

Wenda Millard, our Co-CEO with a new addition to our team - Todd Schwartzman.

Amie Smit and Wenda cozying it up at the camp dinner.

Jacki Kelley - EVP of ad sales and Wendy Robbins - from Chicago. Jacki's team organized the entire event.

Lizzie Utt - our new fashion producer with my assistant - Liesl Menning

Christina Cranley said she really wanted to be on my blog - satisfied
Christina?? She's with Michael D. Kelley of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Eileen Kiernan, Orlando Reece, and Michelle Snyder

Wenda introducing me as the after dinner speaker.

I brought my Zeh pounded ash basket back pack with me too, to lug all
my stuff - it was greatly admired.

Here I am showing off my beautiful back pack.

Now I'm doing a small show-and-tell about the contents of the basket.

The camp theme was very successful and the camaraderie and good will
engendered at the meeting will hopefully last until the next gathering.

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