August 18, 2008

Three adorable puppies came to visit me!

I am bumping this post up since it was featured this evening on USA Today's entertainment blog (make sure to "BUZZ" this story upwards!) For the new people just coming to take a look, make sure to check out all of these adorable photos as well as the rest of my blog.

Paw Paw's grandsons came to visit my farm for the first time. I am supposed to choose.
Come have a look!

Who to choose? How to choose? Here they are -- No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 chow chows.
They came to visit with co-owner Karen Tracy from Pazzazz Chow in
Pennsylvania. Look how adorable they are, and how comfortable they are
atop the servery counter. Welcome to cute overload territory once again!

They loved the Kawasaki ride just as much as the Frenchies and Paw Paw. They are like really cute stuffed teddy bears.

Gnawing, teething -- it's the same thing at this early age -- a tree wire stake was the perfect place to sharpen those canines.

Carlos, my driver and pet sitter, came to see the babies -- he loved Paw
Paw so much and he, of course, wanted me to get all three puppies.

For some reason, I think I am favoring the puppy on the right.

But, maybe the puppy in the center?

Oh, but maybe the puppy on the left?

Realistically, if I took all three puppies, it just wouldn't work. Three male chows would fight it out until the end.

Here's a great picture of all of us.  Whenever I pose with these puppies, I feel happy!

Yawn -- the babies are getting a bit tired of all the attention.


I love these bundles of joy.

Look at this boy sniffing around the cat food containers -- all chows seem to love dried cat food.

He's getting bolder and is climbing up onto the shelf!

He's trying his hardest to open the container.

This chow loved Francesca and Sharkey's stuffed toy.

Look at the coloration and the large paws!

A sly look.

What a very cute dog!

A stuffed goldfish doesn't have a chance in the jaws of a chow!

But then, a stuffed teddy is of some interest.