August 19, 2008

The Bedford Post, delicious American farmhouse cuisine

Richard Gere, the actor, and his business partner, Russell Hernandez, purchased an 18th-century house and barn on 14 acres in Bedford, New York. Their plan is to keep the historic integrity and to transform it into an eight-suite luxury inn along with a restaurant featuring a farm-to-table dinner menu.

Although that ambitious project is still underway, the adjacent barn has already been restored and turned into a brasserie-cafe that serves delicious and amazing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners on certain nights. Their philosophy is American farmhouse cuisine, rooted in slow food cooking. The chef is Brian Lewis, who has worked in many fine restaurants across the United States and abroad. He gathers his ingredients from small family farms, using only what is in season and only of the highest quality. Simply stated, Brian's creations are fantastic and I certainly enjoy eating there.

Another great thing about Bedford Post is that local horse-riding trails lead to it and it's fun to go there on horseback. Betsy Perreten, my stable manager, and one of her riding buddies met me there for brunch recently. I'm told that there are plans to eventually build a small stable where a rider may leave a horse while visiting the restaurant, but for now, Betsy was prepared and packed a hitching device.  Come and have a look.

This is a highline kit, which has everything you need to tie up a horse
or a mule. It's from Outfitters Supply. This kit provides the animal with freedom to
walk around in a circle, lie down, and even roll.

The highline has easy-to-follow instructions with clear diagrams for how to tie the proper knot.

Ramon (wearing an English saddle), Morgan Murphy, Stan Schulman, Betsy,
and Rinze (wearing a Western saddle). Stan was kind enough to bring
water and hay for the horses to keep them happy while we enjoyed our
brunch. The highline went up quickly.

Yummy hay!

Bedford Post is located at 954 Old Post Road in Bedford, New York.

This is the entrance to the barn. There's also a yoga studio located in the loft.

One of several original hand-hewn beams.

A lovely fieldstone fireplace.

The breakfast menu, featuring local yogurt, maple syrup, and farm-fresh eggs from nearby farmers.

I enjoyed this egg sandwich on a flaky biscuit served with crispy hash browns. So good!

Betsy savored the brioche French toast stuffed with mixed berries and ginger. Yum!

The bakery counter displays many wonderful creations. This is a fromage blanc and apricot Danish.

Flavor-packed cinnamon rolls.

Heavenly vanilla cupcakes.

Daily muffins and scones.

The lunch menu is also delightful. This is an appetizer of garden
vegetable frito misto. Impeccably fresh vegetables and squash blossoms
are lightly battered and fried, tempura style, then sprinkled with
fennel pollen, giving a truly amazing flavor.

An heirloom tomato salad served with mozzarella, shaved fennel, and purslane –- simply gorgeous.

This is a salad of beluga lentil and quinoa served with avocado and organic local tomatoes -– what could be better?

Chef Brian Lewis posing proudly ouside Bedford Post.