September 2, 2008

Behind the scenes of the September MSL Cover Shoot!

Last April, I posted a blog about choosing a cover for Martha Stewart Living magazine  and a bit of what’s involved in the process.  Readers responded so favorably, so I decided to show you a little ‘behind the scenes’ of when we shot the September issue, on newsstands now.  September, of course, is the decorating edition and it’s filled with fantastic ideas for making your surroundings more beautiful.  Hugh Stewart photographed the actual cover, and we invited Patrick Kolts to shoot the ‘behind the scenes.’ 

Inspiration for the cover came from the wonderful story about stenciling in that issue and there were, at least 2 different scenarios photographed.  Matthew Axe was the art director for the shoot and he and his team worked for several days preparing the set.  The day before the shoot, Hugh Stewart came to set up his lighting and to work out the composition with Matthew Axe.  It’s always fun to see how things are actually done, so please have a look and enjoy!

These are artist sketches of a couple of scenarios that were being considered.

These are paints and supplies for stenciling.  You can read more about it in the September issue.

Here I am with Deputy Art Director, Matthew Axe having a good laugh.

Kevin Sharkey and I are discussing some of the fine points of this set.

Chief Creative Officer, Gael Towey and I are looking intently at the
digital images on the computer screen.  Obviously, we’re happy with
what we see.

Here I am posing with gorgeous stenciled pillows.  This was one
scenario photographed that day.  By the way, you can learn how to make
these pillows and other fabulous stenciled projects in the magazine.

The actual cover of the September issue – that’s my wardrobe stylist,
Karena with her beautiful dark hair – she’s making sure that I look
crisp and neatly put together.