September 3, 2008

Blog upgrade news!

In order to have a blog, you need to enlist a blogging platform, which supplies all the necessary tools for getting your photos and text onto the Internet. As my blog has grown in popularity, we realized we were ready to switch to a platform offering more programming options. After careful research, that new platform will be WordPress, which we hope to launch tomorrow with an exciting photo gallery from my most recent trip to Mexico. With this new program, you will notice additions, such as a search engine within my blog and more robust photo galleries.


Helping with this transition is Terrance Pitre. TJ, as he likes to be called, is the Webmaster for Native to New Orleans, TJ is a graduate of Tulane University. After MSLO acquired Emeril’s media and merchandising businesses , TJ moved with his wife and 2 cats to New York City, and began working in our Web Department while still preforming his Webmaster job. This blog change is exciting for all involved and TJ is especially happy moving it forward into another realm. We’d be curious to know what you think, so please continue visiting, reading, and commenting about my blog.