September 22, 2008

New kittens at the farm!

Betsy Perreten, my stable manager, owned a cat for more than 16 years. Sadly, a couple of years ago, her beloved pet passed away suddenly and she has been thinking of adopting a new cat since then. Last week, it came to Betsy's attention that her friend had found two kittens.

Lynn Pullman was walking her dog Katie down a country lane. Katie became very interested in an old stonewall, when suddenly, a tiny cat jumped out. Upon further inspection, Lynn discovered a second cat hiding in the wall. The wall was actually taken apart to make sure that there were no other kittens hiding. It was very obvious that these animals were left there to fend for themselves and Betsy melted when she saw the kittens.

Because they're so young -- only five to six weeks old -– Betsy is feeding them a special diet of a milk replacement for kittens and an easy-to-digest rabbit formula. The veterinarian at Dr. Marty's office says that the kittens are doing very well and should live a happy life under Betsy's care. They're still unnamed -- we'll tell you what Betsy decides to call them in a future blog update.


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