October 12, 2008

How we develop arrangements for 1-800-Flowers

Last April, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia joined forces with 1800flowers.com, and I must say that it's been a wonderful collaboration. The lovely, seasonal flower arrangements and the potted plants have been very well received. Currently, we are developing arrangements for our upcoming holiday season and I wanted to give you a little glimpse behind-the-scenes of that department.

Tom Borgese is a stylist in our style department, and he is responsible for choosing the flowers and creating the arrangements. Tom is an art school graduate with a background in oil painting. He had worked at Domino Magazine and created freelance cut-flower stories before coming to MSLO. Obviously, with his artistic talents and love of flowers, Tom is in his proper element working on these beautiful creations. Please have a look at these colorful photos and feel free to leave a comment.


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Here is Tom standing next to some of the flowers being tested for next season's 1-800-Flowers collection.