December 30, 2008

Chow Chow Update! My photos from the weekend

As many of you know, when I decided to get a new chow puppy, I called breeder Karen of Pazzazz Chow in Pennsylvania. She introduced me to Khan, a grandson of Paw Paw’s. I loved this little puppy and I had so much wanted to get him but, unfortunately, as it turns out, Khan had a heart murmur and I felt that it would be risky given the lively life the animals lead at the farm. So, we tried again and this time, I zeroed in on a real charmer called Ghenghis Khan, also closely related to Paw Paw. At nine weeks old, he looks very good. Ghenghis Khan is lively, chunky, has a good muzzle, clear eyes, a nice body, and above all is very, very friendly.

The chow chow is an ancient breed of dog with origins in China and there are a few theories about how it got its name. In Chinese, “chow” is a slang word for “edible.” Indeed, it was customary to eat dog meat in China until a 1915 law was enacted prohibiting its sale or purchase. Another belief has to do with British sailing vessels and their cargo holds called “chow chows.” When the breed was first brought to Britain, the dogs may have been called chow chows because that is where they were kept during the voyage. My housekeeper, Lily, who is from China, tells me that when translated, “chow chow” means “ugly ugly.” This may refer to the fact that these dogs, with their blue tongues, were considered ugly, but also very special, and that’s why the chow chow became the emperor’s guard dog of choice.

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