December 10, 2008

From the Refrigerators of Costco to my Kitchen in Bedford!

One year ago, we, at Martha Stewart Living and our partners at Costco, introduced our holiday ham, the first in a line of top-quality food products to be sold at Costco. I’m really proud of these bone-in hams, which are slow cured and lightly smoked over applewood chips. They are succulent and delicious and continually receive rave reviews. In addition to the holiday ham, we also developed a line of fresh and healthy soups, utilizing recipes from our vast recipe file.

Keep in mind that our philosophy is that only the best will do and only the highest quality ingredients are used. The cooking procedures are similar to the home kitchen, only on a much larger scale with minimal processing involved. There are no unnecessary additives, chemicals, or preservatives used. Working with the amazing team at Costco has made it possible to create such high quality food at such reasonable prices. Costco has limitless resources and tremendous relationships with growers, farmers, and the vendors who source their products and manufacture ours. Both our team and the Costco team oversee every detail of development to ensure the final product matches both of our standards of quality, from the food, itself, to the package it’s sold in. It’s most unusual for food prepared on such a large scale to be as pure and delicious as the Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart products. Come and take a look at some of the latest additions to our line, which I served the other day to the people who work at my farm, as kind of a taste-testing. They were all impressed with how good everything was. Please let me know if YOU were impressed!

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