January 17, 2009

Roses, roses, and more beautiful roses! Behind the scenes at a photo shoot

Just before the holidays, we shot a story for an upcoming issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine about rose flower arrangements. I really love this kind of shoot because, not only is it beautiful to look at, but this one, in particular, smelled extraordinarily fabulous, as well. The air was thick with rose perfume! The roses were provided by Harvest Wholesale, importers of superb and unusual cut flowers, and these particular roses were grown in Ecuador, South America. Owners, Humberto and Natan, explained that they, at Harvest Wholesale, work closely with growers everywhere and encourage them to plant unusual varieties. Each flower is tested for longevity and must last a minimum of seven days after cutting. Once cut, Humberto and Natan use their own special methods and nutritional solutions for maximizing the life of each bloom so that the buyer won’t be disappointed.

Apologies! This image gallery is no longer available.