February 3, 2009

A great book signing at Macy's Clearwater Florida

This past Saturday, I traveled to Tampa, Florida because I had a book signing to attend at the Macy’s Countryside Store in nearby Clearwater. Plus, the next day was the Super Bowl, which is always fun and exciting to be a part of. The weather in the Tampa area was clear, but rather chilly. We northerners assume that Florida will be a warm destination, but during the winter months, things really cool off and it’s a good idea to dress in layers.

The book signing was a huge success. It was actually a record-breaking turnout and my arm went into overdrive as I signed more than 700 books. The line was so long as it wrapped throughout the store, and some people waited for hours to see me. As always, I was touched and honored and I thank all of you who have made my Cooking School book a best seller!

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