March 1, 2009

A casual lunch at my home this past weekend, and a cute visitor!

On Sunday, I was paid a visit by my good friend and former counsel, John Cuti, his wife Sarah, and their adorable little boy, Eli. Eli is already twenty months old and I’m very impressed by how well he speaks and in full sentences. He is a very adventurous little boy and it seems that he tries and likes all kinds of different foods. I always love when he comes to visit.


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All bundled up for the cold - me, Eli.

Since Pierre is no longer working for me full time, I am doing a lot more cooking at home myself.  On Saturday, I invited six friends to join me for a casual lunch.  Lily, my weekend housekeeper and I prepared this meal together.  Lily is Chinese and happens to be a superb cook.  We made fresh egg noodle soup as a first course.  Lily also made jasmine rice, which she steamed in a Pyrex bowl set in a big covered pot.  The rice was served with jellied pigs feet, chicken with fresh bamboo shoots and tree ear mushrooms, Chinese broccoli with ginger and oyster sauce, pea sprouts with garlic, and sautéed bok choi.  As you can imagine, everything was incredibly delicious, incredibly fresh, and extremely healthy.  I always enjoy cooking with Lily.


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These are the big crepe-like pancakes that are cooked in a skillet first, then rolled and cut into noodles.