April 2, 2009

The Sono Baking Company

Many of you have seen John Barricelli on the Everyday Food show and now on the Everyday Baking show on PBS.  John began working for Martha Stewart Living in 1998 at my original television studio in Connecticut.  With a strong background cooking, John was involved with all aspects of food for television and it was clear to me that he had extraordinary talent and energy.  So, it didn't surprise me when I learned that John had plans to open a Bakery/Café in historic South Norwalk, Connecticut (known as SoNo).  Food and baking is in his blood, as he comes from a long line of bakers.  He also doesn't seem to mind the hours, which start, for him, at 2:30 AM!  Please enjoy this little tour of Sono Baking Company & Café.  It happened to be a slow day at the bakery, as we were expecting a snowstorm.

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