May 28, 2009

My niece, Kristina rides in the Bedford Pace

This past Memorial Day, Betsy, my stable manager, took part in the Bedford Pace, a fund-raiser to benefit the Bedford Riding Lanes Association. You may remember my blog from a year ago, when Betsy and her team won the blue ribbon for riding in the Pleasure category. This year, the returning champion rode in the Pleasure category once again, along with my niece, Kristina Christiansen and her good friend from college, Tabitha McAnally.

These young ladies attended the University of Delaware and were members of the University of Delaware Equestrian Team from 2004-2008. They were both very involved with the team and the sport and were co-captains during their senior year. Kristina and Tabitha competed in the highest level of collegiate riding and also in top rated A shows throughout the country.

The Bedford Pace is a bit more relaxed than what these two accomplished riders are used to. Prior to the Pace, an official rides each course to set the time. This makes things tricky for the riders because no one knows what that set time is. It's really all about luck and fun and which team finishes closest to the set time. Come and see how Betsy, Kristina, and Tabitha did.

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