May 18, 2009

Planting my outdoor terrace at Skylands

Skylands is my beautiful home on the southern coast of Mount Desert Island in the state of Maine. Architect Duncan Chandler worked closely with the great landscape designer and conservationist Jens Jensen to build this magnificent estate for industrialist Edsel Ford during the 1920's. I love the fact that there are vast outdoor terraces and woodland gardens reaching into pristine natural surroundings. Since I became the owner of Skylands, I have worked to restore the gardens, terraces, and woodland to what I think Jens Jenson originally envisioned. I took a trip there recently along with Kevin Sharkey, Hannah Milman, and Stephen Johnson and we had so much fun shopping for plant material and planting the terrace. Please enjoy these springtime photos of Skylands.

Apologies! This image gallery is no longer available.