May 15, 2009

The Desilva and Phillips Future of Celebrity Media conference, and my twitter survey results

On Thursday morning, I was so pleased to be part of a panel made up of distinguished media executives and entrepreneurs who spoke at the Desilva+Phillips Future of Celebrity Media conference held at the Tribeca Film Center in New York City. The event took place before an invited audience and I found it to be an intellectual and enjoyable experience. It was fascinating to hear what these experts had to say about our present-day media and its future. I was comforted to learn that readership of printed copy isn't necessarily cannibalized by all the on-line publications. The feeling is that electronic mediums serve to whet readers' appetites for bigger printed stories, and what is being observed is a crossover audience utilizing both mediums.

Of course, we talked about Twitter and its instant gratification. David Caar of the New York Times interviewed me about my use of Twitter. We were talking about me having just surpassed 600,000 followers on Twitter. I explained that it took me 2 years to reach 600,000 subscribers with Martha Stewart Living and only a fraction of that time on Twitter. Of course, there's a price point, but by that point, I should be up to 2 million followers on Twitter. Go figure! Also, go figure that Francesca and Sharkey ( @thedailywag) on Twitter have more followers than David Caar (@caar2n) has - a point he found to be a bit embarrassing. I also showed this very interesting pie chart that my assistant, Eliad Laskin, composed from the feedback I received about why people Tweet. Everyone at the conference found it quite fascinating and I think you will too.

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I tweeted the following question the other day;

“ Why do you use twitter. this is a serious question. I am doing an interview tomorrow and need to have some real statistics help”

Here are the results from 1600 of the responses

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On Boredom
nameommited@MarthaStewart Sheer boredom at my job.

nameommited@MarthaStewart get bored at work sometimes

nameommited@MarthaStewart It is a good time waster and creates the illusion of being connected with others.

nameommited@MarthaStewart boredom and well what else is there to do on the net!!!.......time waster yep thats a big one

nameommited@MarthaStewart i use this coz i was bored with my exams...

nameommited@MarthaStewart I guess fun is the main reason, but mostly it gets me through boring classes...

MacDonaldvickymacdonald@MarthaStewart A way to share and stay connected in an era when many people telecommute or are unemploye.Takes the place of the water cooler

On Celebrities
TRMiteTRMite@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to harass celebrities. Srsly

ennifer Sherwinfreestylecook@MarthaStewart - I use twitter because it's interesting to see that celebrities aren't much different from the rest of us

Catherine McCrorymissleyden@MarthaStewart I follow mostly celebrities (like you) that I watch on TV to see what they do in their lives. So I know they are normal

Debbie ChartrandDebbieC03@MarthaStewart The only reason I use it is because for some reason the celebrities like this better than FB

Lori Bardenldsjb@MarthaStewart use twitter for access to celebrities you didn't have in the past-makes them seem more real

On Curiosity

Julia MacPhersonjuliamacpherson@MarthaStewart I am using Twitter out of curiousity, I wanted to see what it was all about. I figured I might spread some joy too!

yo4shortyo4short@MarthaStewart I use it mainly out of curiousity and informative...really enjoy the links posted by the people I follow....

# douglasl9douglasl9@MarthaStewart Just curious to know what people are doing / gives me a feel for their personality

On News and Information
Matthew RimiMattLouis@MarthaStewart, because it was pop-culture phenomena. it has changed the way people receive/transmit news and altered how we communicate.about

Unkie BuckieHottTrends@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to keep up with trends and discover news at it happens. Great way to keep up on news

Katie WeidnerKTKWeidner@MarthaStewart I like Twitter b/c I get my news right from the source. It is quick, brief and interactive.

Linda Tarry-Schulzlindalouoliver@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to follow local stuff (Global BC, 24, Abbotsford News

Debbie Luthidluthi04@MarthaStewart business and for fun, following sports scores and local news and weather

On Social Advertising

Jennifer ChicoineEnviousMoon@MarthaStewart I use twitter to help promote my Etsy shop. I joined a few weeks ago. http://enviousmoondesigns.e...

Connieglitzyorbit@MarthaStewart i use twitter to promote the charities i am involved in.. Kern Country Sheriffs activity league and Optimists Club

Kristen HernandezWritingMyHeart@MarthaStewart I use it to maket and promote my vacation travel agency as well as my blog

Michael Woytonwoyton@MarthaStewart I use it to promote my pet blog and to see what interesting people think and do

Carol LawrenceCollegePurse@MarthaStewart I use Twitter to promote my bus. and share health and wellness info. A website for NCAA fans. Collegiate handbags

rebecca cabaneensiesmama@MarthaStewart primarily to promote my blog/find new readers, but it's also become a way to find interesting content for my blog

On Social Networking/Communication

Shellymswright13@MarthaStewart To communicate with the masses. The ordinary to the extraordinary

Swapna Raghu SanandSvara@MarthaStewart, uses:boundaryless communication, information, sharing of instant thoughts, connecting to the whole world in a click

Flaminia Festucciaflaminia85@MarthaStewart I'm a journalist, therefore the principal use is communication with other journalists all over the world.

Jody K. Devoted_Harpie@MarthaStewart It's a fun, easy way to keep up with everyone. Especially my kids while they're at school, and friends at work

Toni Walkertwalk59@MarthaStewart My daughter posts pictures of my grandson