June 19, 2009

Ice Cream on the Today Show and a Bad U-turn

Regarding the many wonderful comments about coffee shops, I just want to thank Lucy Page for telling us about her coffee shop in Centralia WA, Cameron Castro for describing the cafes she frequents in Brooklyn NY, and to Jeremy for telling us about Intelligentsia in Chicago - I will try it next time I'm there.

On the Today show this week, I demonstrated how to make your very own ice cream from a recipe that appears in the June issue of Everyday Food. You might be surprised to know that making your own ice cream is 60% cheaper than buying a good quality brand. Plus, you can use all-organic ingredients, making it a much healthier dessert. Homemade ice cream is quite an easy task, providing you have an ice cream maker. Plus it's really fun to create your own flavors or flavor combinations.

Yesterday, I mentioned on Twitter that there was a little incident at my home involving a truck and a U-turn. Where I am grateful that no one was injured and that property damage was minimal, occurrences like these are simply annoying. I think it would be fun to hear from you about little mishaps you have experienced, such as this one.

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