July 10, 2009

A 4th of July to remember for Rock and his family

You may recall that my friend and driver, Rock, served his country for seven months stationed in Iraq. I am proud and happy to report that he has returned home safely and is back with his family and friends in New York City. This past 4th of July, my company, MSLO, extended a company invitation to view the fireworks upon the rooftop of our offices in the Starrett Lehigh Building. This year, the Macy's Fireworks moved from the East River to the Hudson River to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the exploration of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson. I insisted that Rock attend with his family.

It was a glorious evening and the fireworks were spectacular. Rock told me that there was no greater feeling than to be back home and view this most patriotic event with his family. Last year he was in California training for his time in Iraq and it meant so much to Rock to experience this perfect night with its perfect view. Please enjoy his photos and be sure to catch Monday's blog for some more amazing images from that night.

Apologies! This image gallery is no longer available.