August 31, 2009

Visiting Montana and Ted Turner at his wonderful ranch

I recently found myself in Montana, visiting Ted Turner at his wonderful ranch there.  Ted Turner, as you may already know, is a media mogul and philanthropist.  He is the founder of the cable television network CNN and he supports United Nations causes.  He is also an environmentalist and generously devotes his assets help protect it.  Ted Turner owns more land than any other American - 2.2 million acres!  He uses much of that land to re-popularize bison, which is leaner and healthier for you than beef, and he now boasts the largest herd in the world.  Ted owns a chain of restaurants called Ted's Montana Grill, where that delicious bison is offered on the menu.

The purpose of the journey, along with my television crew, was to learn from him all about his environmental concerns and his extraordinary efforts in restoring endangered species to the planet.  We spent two full days with Ted and he generously gave a real guided tour through some of America's most beautiful places.  The cast of characters was:

Ted Turner - our gracious host
Martha Stewart - the host of my TV show
Kevin Sharkey - executive editorial director of decorating at MSLO
Jill and Dan Dienst - friends and Western fanatics
Mary Curran - hair and makeup artist
Betsy Perreten - Bedford stable manager

Please enjoy these photos and be sure to check out tomorrow's blog for more adventures in Montana!