September 1, 2009

Day Two in Montana, Riding with Ted Turner

On day two of our visit with Ted Turner at his Snowcrest Ranch in Montana, we woke up early in anticipation of a personally guided tour of the 13,343-acre ranch on horseback. Greg Pole, Ted Turner's equine manager, saddled up the calm and intelligent Quarter Horses, six of the forty horses Ted owns. Ted likes to ride every day when he is in Montana and I was thrilled to have him as my guide. Starting out, we crossed the beautiful Ruby River and headed up to a hilltop in search of antelope. The views of Montana's mountain ranges were spectacular. Ted spoke of his love for the land and what he is doing to preserve it into perpetuity with conservation easements. He is deeply committed to the environment and to its native species. Bison, for example, were nearly extinct until Ted helped stop that from happening. Today, Turner Enterprises manages over 50,000 head of bison across the various Turner ranches. What Ted Turner is doing for this planet is most admirable.