October 30, 2009

Eerie, but fascinating graveyards near my home in Bedford

One year ago, I took you on a Halloween adventure through the cemetery located at the St. Matthews Church in Bedford, NY. I received so many interesting comments from that blog, so I thought it would be fun to continue the tour. As it turns out, there happens to be thirty cemeteries located throughout Bedford. Some are tiny family plots, overgrown and neglected. Others, like the St. Matthews and the Old Bedford cemeteries are located in high traffic areas and are maintained nicely.
Cemeteries are considered by many to be eerie places, however, I find them fascinating. There is much to be learned about the history of an area by reading old grave markers, such as family lineage and how young or old people were when they passed away. I was very happy to hear from the Bedford Historical Society that there is now a committee, which has been working on clearing overgrown cemeteries and on properly cleaning and restoring many of the ancient headstones. I feel it's so important to preserve history in all its forms. Please enjoy this year's jaunt through the cemeteries and I wish all of you a creepy and spooky happy Halloween!