December 15, 2009

"Industry is the enemy of melancholy"

When I was reading through the comments that were posted on my blog from this past weekend, I came across an especially nice one from Will, a fellow entrepreneur.   Apparently, Will has read my book, 'The Martha Rules - 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Grow, or Manage a Business.'  I was very touched by his comments and wanted to share his thoughts with all of you.  Thank you so much, Will and best of luck to you and your business!

"Off topic.  I came to you late - for the longest time I never thought much about you, frankly - you were just somebody who wrote books about homemaking stuff and made deals with Kmart.  I wasn't interested much in either.  When your name came up in conversation, I would just say something like, "yeah, she's a smart businesswoman" - without really knowing what I was saying.  In the past year, I started my own business - working now from home.  I caught your show one morning and something about it captivated me - I didn't know then what it was but, I do now, since I tape it and watch it every night - it's the way you manage the time on the show that is most impressive.  You have certain things to get done and you get them done - brilliantly weaving the guests into your entire routine.  I got your book "The Martha Rules" and loved it.  You are a great inspiration to those of us in business.  I won't be buying your glitter (not my thing) but I did do Turkey 101 on Thanksgiving and it was awesome!!

William F. Buckley said, "Industry is the enemy of melancholy" and you are the champion of that - life is about doing projects.  Whether it be making a meal or crafting something or running a business - life is about projects.  Have you ever considered turning "The Martha Rules" into a television show or even just a blog? It might be perfect for these recessionary times when people are redefining work - as you are a totally self-made woman.  My sense is that you have a lot to offer people that is not being captured on your daily show.  How about a daily evening show called "The Martha Rules" about being an entrepreneur where you interview other entrepreneurs and discuss business?"