January 19, 2010

A celebration for my 10-year hard working employees!

Last week, I hosted a celebration for all of the employees who have worked in my business for ten or more years. The last time we did this was two years ago and I am so surprised that this year, there are thirty new inductees in this most honorable group, making a grand total of eighty-six! Frankly, it astonishes me that I have been so fortunate to have worked with so many amazingly talented and loyal individuals for so many years. This year's party was held at Co., Jim Lahey's, (Sullivan Street Bakery) pizza restaurant located at 230 Ninth Avenue at 24th Street in Manhattan. You may remember seeing Jim on my television show. He has become rather famous for his no-knead bread and I simply love eating whatever comes out of his oven. Please enjoy these photos and thank you again, to all of these superb employees for all of your hard work and for upholding the integrity of the Martha Stewart brand.