January 20, 2010

A quick fun trip up to Vermont

I have always loved the vigorous sport of cross country skiing. It's phenomenal exercise and a really great way to enjoy the outdoors. My snow-covered farm in Bedford is the perfect place for skiing, but I wanted to find out how to groom manageable trails through my fields and woods. Robin Marino, my CEO and her husband, Bobby, suggested I visit them in Vermont. Nearby, where they have a house, is the Viking Nordic Center in Londonderry, Vermont, a beautiful wooded area with 24 miles of impeccably groomed trails used for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Rob MacGregor, who works at Viking Nordic provided us with a good lesson on how all the miles and miles of their trails are groomed.

Later, we got to ride in some amazing utility terrain vehicles made by Argo.  What fun! And after a long day outdoors, we went to Verde, located at the Village Square at Stratton Mountain for fine Mediterranean fare. Chef Rogan Lechthaler's creations are inventive, locally grown, and delicious. My day in Vermont was really fun!