January 6, 2010

Cooking light with Everyday Food on the Today Show

Now that the New Year has arrived, many of us are resolute in eating lighter fare and I have just the thing to share with all of you.  Yesterday, I made my usual appearance on the Today show and demonstrated some healthy and delicious recipes from the January/February issue of Everyday Food magazine.  These included Stir-fried Turkey in Lettuce Wraps, Polenta Wedges with Asparagus and Mushrooms, Salmon with Green Beans and Lemon Zest, and Beef Rolls with Spring Salad.  All of these dishes are big on flavor and light on calories.  In fact, the meals we prepared were all under 350 calories.  If you're looking for some great recipe ideas to help you eat healthier, please pick up a copy of my latest edition of Everyday Food!

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