January 8, 2010

Farewell to my beautiful horse, Martyn

Dear readers:
Last week we posted a blog about Martyn, one of my five Friesian horses.  We stated that Martyn was suffering from a degenerative disease that had caused the collapse of his rear fetlocks.  Martyn has received extensive treatment from several very qualified equine veterinarians and has been lovingly cared for by my stable manager, Betsy Perreten and her assistants, during his ordeal.

That blog, however, did not tell the whole story - only that he had the problem and was under careful supervision.  In fact, the decision had been reached that this wonderful horse needed to be put down and that is what happened a week ago, at the farm.  He had a very peaceful end and we will miss him terribly.  But, we are happy he is no longer in pain and we certainly hope that none of the other horses suffer a similar fate.  Thank you all for your very caring and informative emails, letters, and comments and rest assured that all of the animals at the farm are treated humanely and with great love.