February 22, 2010

Another snowstorm at the farm - photos taken with a new lens

I received so many wonderful comments regarding Friday's blog, The "Blizzard" of 2010.  Thank you very much.  In keeping with that theme, I wanted to show you these marvelous photographs of the next snowstorm, just a few days later, taken by my blog team, Eliad Laskin and Laura Plimpton.  When Eliad, my tech guy, learned of my trip to South Africa, he asked Canon to loan a very special lens for me to use on that trip, and Canon generously provided.  This lens is great for distance, zooming in on faraway objects, such as what I may see on safari.  A few days after the "blizzard", and before my journey, the snow was falling heavily again and Eliad and Laura were interested in seeing the capabilities of this powerful lens.  They started up one of the Kawasaki Mules and ventured out into the storm.  I think you will agree that these photos are quite wonderful.

Photos By Eliad Laskin