February 23, 2010

Behind-the-scenes of Tomorrow's Show!

Tomorrow, February 24th, we have a great television show for you.  You may recall from reading my blog, that recently, Eliad Laskin, my tech extraordinaire went to the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and came back with his head spinning.  He was so excited and wanted to share some of his great finds with my audience and viewers.  We invited Wall Street Journal technology columnist, Katie Boehret to join us for the segment.  As you know, I find this subject fascinating and had fun with Eliad and Katie as we reviewed these products.

Other guests on the show are veterinarian - Dr. Marty Goldstein, Sigmund Pretzel Shop owner - Lina Kulchinsky, and our set decorator and sewing expert - Aaron Caramanis.  Please enjoy Eliad's behind-the-scenes photos taken that day.