February 8, 2010

My horse, Meindert, needed a bone scan

Recently, Betsy, my stable manager, was out riding Meindert, one of my four Friesians, through the snowy woods along the Bedford Riding Lanes.  Horse and rider approached a stretch that was a bit uneven and Meindert stepped precariously on a rock.  The next thing Betsy knew was that Meindert stumbled and then fell backwards onto his right rear.  Fortunately, they weren't far from home and they managed to return without further incidence.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Kilgallon, examined Meindert and thought it best that he receive a bone scan.  She recommended Fairfield Equine Associates, a well-respected equine medical facility, located in Newtown, Connecticut, not too far from my farm.  I am very happy to report that the scan showed no sign of injury and Meindert has returned to his happy home.

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Photos By Eliad Laskin