March 11, 2010

A Visit to Logee's Tropical Plants

Recently, Shaun Kass, my gardener, paid a visit to our friends at Logee’s Tropical Plants, located in Danielson, Connecticut. Logee’s was founded in 1892 by William D. Logee.  He started the business as a cut-flower shop and then expanded into begonias and tropical container plants.  Over time, Logee’s became well known for its hybridizing achievements in the world of begonias and then began selling herbs and scented geraniums by mail in the 1930’s.  Today, Logee’s is owned and operated by Williams’s grandson, Byron Martin and his business partner, Laurelynn Martin, who have turned their attention to beautiful flowers, fragrant tropicals, and fruiting plants in containers.  Together, they work to expand the company and still maintain the small town feel.  If you find yourself in the Northeast part of Connecticut, you can visit the Logee’s greenhouses, where you can choose from more than 1,000 varieties of plants, most of which are all propagated right there.  If mail order is more realistic for you, the colorful Logee’s catalog boasts over 500 beautiful and unusual varieties.  Please enjoy these photos of Shaun’s visit.