March 16, 2010

From Gurgling to Raging

Last week, the weather reports, once again, were forecasting heavy winds and driving rain throughout the weekend.  As it turned out, this was no idle threat because what arrived was one stubborn storm, bringing with it, hurricane force winds and torrential downpours.  I felt extremely fortunate that the Bedford area was spared any great damage because so many surrounding locals were hit extremely hard.  Huge trees were toppled, homes were wrecked, electricity was lost, and low-lying areas were badly flooded.  I was also deeply saddened to hear of loss of life associated with this storm.

On Saturday evening, when the winds subsided, I took a drive around my farm to survey any damage, which was minimal.  What was impressive were all of the streams on my property.  After more than five-inches of rain that fell in a very short period of time, those gurgling rivulets became raging torrents.  I shot these photos at around 8 PM.  How did you fare during this storm?  We’d love to hear.