March 5, 2010

My Journey to South Africa - Day One


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As many of you know, I recently returned from an exciting journey to South Africa.  I was accompanied by my friends and business associates, Kevin Sharkey and Susan Magrino.  The flight aboard South African Airways, was very long - fifteen plus hours - but very comfortable.  Kevin, Susan, and I are seasoned travelers and we like to use the time in the air to get a lot of work done.  Kevin peruses magazines for inspiration.  Susan, who is in public relations, takes the time to catch up on her hundreds of emails.  However, she was surprised to discover that the airline did not allow people to work on their Blackberry devices during the long flight - only on full-sized computers, which she did not bring along.  We still don't understand that restriction, especially since one can turn off all wireless connections by going into the wireless setting on the Blackberry.  Consequently, Susan was not able read her emails and they were kept, instead, in the queue until we landed.  Perhaps the airline will rethink this restriction.  With that said, we did get plenty of rest, anticipating an active and exciting adventure ahead.  Please enjoy these photos from day one in South Africa and expect more to follow.