March 18, 2010

The Marriage Ref tonight - behind the scenes!

I was very intrigued when I was approached to appear as one of the panelists on The Marriage Ref, Jerry Seinfeld’s new comedy series on NBC.  I was told that I would be part of a three-member celebrity panel, along with Jason Alexander, actor and comedian, and Cedric, the Entertainer.  I have to admit that I was slightly put off by this because Jason and Cedric are just so inherently funny.  They barely need to think about the next hilarious thing to pop out of their mouths.  If you haven’t been watching, the premise of The Marriage Ref involves real life couples, who have been experiencing problems for a long period of time.  The panel must argue the merits of both sides and vote on who they think is right.  I hope you will tune in to this evening’s episode and let me know your reactions.