June 10, 2010

Back to Malaysia - Day Four AM

On Saturday, the fourth day of our visit to Malaysia, our morning activities began with a tour of Pasar Tani, a comprehensive farmers' market.  When traveling, I always love checking out the local markets and this is a great place to shop for local produce, seafood, meats and a large assortment of freshly prepared foods.  After the market, we were given a tour of the very interesting Royal Selangor Visitor Center and Pewter Factory by Datin Chen, the grand-daughter of its founder, Yong Koon.  This famous pewter factory is one of the oldest and largest in the world.  It was so amazing to see 'live' the different pewter production processes from casting, filing, polishing, soldering, hammering, and engraving.  We also visited their School of Hard Knocks, where we discovered that hammering pewter requires great skill.