June 11, 2010

See the Pangkor Laut Resort and Colors of 1 Malaysia

Yesterday, I told you about visiting a market called Pasar Tani and touring the Royal Selangor Visitor Center and Pewter Factory during our morning of day four in Malaysia.  For the afternoon, we decided to fly by helicopter and see the island of Pangkor Laut and the gorgeous Pangkor Laut Resort.  The helicopter ride away from Kuala Lumpur was stunning and our destination, even more so.

Later that evening, we dressed to attend Colors of 1 Malaysia, a type of street performance.  This very vibrant cultural event showcases the country’s arts and crafts, and there are lively performances and parades.  The highlight of the event is Dikir Barat, the local Kelantanese traditional song and dance that was performed by more than 5,500 dancers!  Colors of 1 Malaysia was also attended by the King and Queen.