July 16, 2010

A colorful Peony party at my home

This past spring, to celebrate the blooming of my peony garden, I hosted a Garden Tour and Cocktail Party for the Bedford Historical Society.  My guests and I toured the gardens paying particular attention to the herbaceous peonies, which bloomed a little too early this year.  I asked Chef Pierre Schaedelin to prepare the food and we enjoyed cocktails at the stable.  One hundred percent of the ticket price was donated to the Historical Society.

The Society preserves and protects many of the historic building and landmarks in Bedford, New York.  It is a non-profit organization, which relies on its members and fundraisers to cover the expenses of preserving Bedford’s unique historic character.  I was happy to help support the Historical Society and its mission of preservation. My friend and neighbor, Peter Michaelis, an avid photographer, is very active in the Historical Society and took many of these photos.  Please enjoy.