July 8, 2010

My New Blueberry Pergola - From Start to Finish

If you’ve ever grown berries for your enjoyment, then you know how much birds enjoy them, as well.  If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ve most likely seen photos of the pergolas on my farm.  They were constructed using 18th century Chinese granite upright posts and topped with simple, but elegant stained cross beams.  This year, to keep the birds away from my blueberry crop, I decided to have another pergola made, upon which, bird netting would be hung – in essence, a netted ‘room’ surrounding the blueberry patch.  Once again, I hired the very skillful Slavo Kormanik, of Kormanik Construction, Inc.  Slavo is responsible for much of the building at the farm.  The new pergola was a rather lengthy project that lasted for more than two weeks.  Here are all of the steps involved.