July 9, 2010

Visiting a Dragon in Singapore

On day three in Singapore, Sophie, Memrie, and I got an early start and met up with the television crew at TK Pottery Jungle.  TK stands for Thow Kwang, or Pottery and Prosperity in English, and is home to one of the last dragon kilns in Singapore.  This behemoth kiln measures 130-feet long, 16-feet wide and contains three main parts – a front firing chamber, the main chamber where ceramic pieces to be fired are placed, and a chimney at the tail end where smoke is emitted.  When it is lit and glowing, the kiln resembles an irate fire-breathing dragon.  Fired just twice a year, I was thrilled to have the honor of lighting the kiln during our visit.

Upon arrival, we were met by Yulianti Oey and her husband, Tan Teck Yoke, who is a second-generation potter in Singapore.  His father was the founder of the TK industry and Tan Teck Yoke inherited the family business when his father passed away.  I hope you will enjoy this little tour of TK Pottery Jungle.