August 2, 2010

An Inside Look at my Sirius/XM Radio Channel

As many of you may know, I have a SIRIUS/XM radio channel, Martha Stewart Living Radio on channel 112 Sirius and XM Radio 157. The station features around-the-clock lifestyle content and inspiration about entertaining, cooking, pet care, gardening, weddings, and much more. I, myself, am live on the radio two to three times per week for an hour-long show called Ask Martha.

Behind the scenes at the station, you’ll find Liz Aiello - Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and Omnimedia Content Strategy and Jocelyn Santos - Managing Editor for the radio station. The interns had the opportunity to speak with Liz about how the radio is produced.  For an in depth look at what goes on at my station, Jocelyn gave my interns, Emily and Christina, a behind-the-scenes tour of the production room where I sit while on the radio. Please feel free to call me with your questions next time I’m on live at 866-675-6675!