August 19, 2010

How to Keep a Turkey From Flying Away

Two days ago at the farm, the early morning was so beautiful.  Once again, the cool mist of evening was hanging like a veil until the heat of the sun caused it to vanish.  I really like to explore and enjoy the farm before getting into my car and heading off to work in New York City.  Later that day, Jason Hayes, from my friend, Michael Steinhardt's estate, came to visit.  He brought with him Inbal and Itamar, the Steinhardt’s chefs who are visiting from Israel and Shaun, my gardener, was happy to give them a tour of the garden.

Jason also wanted to give Shaun a lesson on how to clip turkey wings.  You may recall my blog from earlier this month when Jason delivered six heritage breed turkeys.  Because turkeys are able to fly, those birds have been confined to the caged yard.  We wanted to allow them free range in the fenced-in grassy area.  However, because it has an open top, the turkeys would be able to fly away.  Clipping the wings, a painless procedure, prevents the birds from taking flight.  Take a look and see how it’s done.