August 20, 2010

Exotic Babies at the Steinhardt Estate

My friends and neighbors in Bedford, Michael and Judy Steinhardt, live in a veritable paradise.  In fact, their fifty-four acre property can be described as an exotic wonderland.  All the landscaping is an ongoing project of Jerome and Carole Rocherolle, owners of Shanti Bithi Nursery in Stamford, Connecticut.  The property includes beautiful woodland plants and spectacular flowering shrubs, moss-covered bridges and ponds, and more than 400 cultivars of maple trees.  But the grounds also feature a menagerie of animals, including camels, zebras, wallabies, ostriches, and hundreds of other exotics and waterfowl.  It’s always fun to visit and wander around.  Please enjoy these photos of some of the Steinhardt’s recent arrivals.