October 19, 2010

Pressing Cider Again!

I know I blogged about my cider press a couple of weeks ago, but let’s face it; making apple cider is just plain fun!  Plus, there’s something so gratifyingly simple about the whole process.  You grind up the apples and give them a good pressing and you are rewarded with a sweet, refreshing, and healthy beverage.  Plus, there’s absolutely no waste involved as the pressed-out pulp is fed to my chickens.  It’s also great for composting.  Last week on Columbus Day, I spent the day at home working.  While taking a break from writing, I decided to give a lesson in cider making to those on the farm that day.

Some cider basics:  Approximately 30 to 40 apples will yield one gallon of cider.  The apples you use needn’t be flawless, but they should be free of spoilage, which would cause the juice to ferment too rapidly.  If you are concerned about pasteurization before drinking, simply heat the cider to 160-degrees for about 6 to 8 seconds.  After pasteurization, cider can be frozen for longer storage.