October 7, 2010

When Life Gives You Apples, Make Apple Cider!

You may have seen my television show recently when Joey Kola and I pressed apples for cider.  This was actually the idea of my sister, Laura and my tech guru, Eliad, when they saw just how abundant the apple crop was this year at my farm.  Eliad found a really great press from Happy Valley Cider Presses in Paola, Kansas.  It’s interesting to note that approximately 30 to 40 apples will yield one gallon of cider.  The apples you use needn’t be flawless, but they should be free of spoilage, which would cause the juice to ferment too rapidly.  To pasteurize the cider before drinking, you simply heat it to 160-degrees for about 6 to 8 seconds.  After pasteurization, cider can be frozen for longer storage.  This past weekend, I had a lovely visit with my good friend, John Cuti and his family and of course, we made cider!